Last ever release

so yea we’re recording with Bob Cooper next month for what will hopefully be one side of a split with Model Radio who I also believe are splitting so it’ll be something of an RIP release. They’re great dudes and we’ve luckily managed to play with them several times. Our side will be 2 songs we’ve been playing live the past few months but never got around to recording.

1. That’s what it said on Ask Jeeves 

2. Michael Cera Movies Without The Happy Endings

yeah buddy



so yea about the house show in Huddersfield on 9th July we’re going on a break for we don’t know how long.

Basically we’re both fairly busy with jobs and also in my case university. Also, we’re both feeling a bit bored with the music we play so we’re playing in other bands for a bit and seeing how that goes.

If/when we do come back it’ll be different to the current Speedboat as we feel we need to freshen things up a bit.

Regardless of what happens, it’s been a mental year from what started as me just wanting to play in a band like Snowing. Several shows, releases, compilations later and we’ve met so many cool people and played with some amazing bands. We’ve played to empty rooms and full rooms on bills with emo, hardcore, punk and godknows what else.

I hope this isn’t the end and thanks to anyone who’s been to a show, put us on, let us stay the night, bought merch, said hi at a show etc etc

Our last 2 shows are About Time in Peckham on 7th July and then the Huddersfield House Show on 9th. Come say hi and possibly bye xxx


barely posted on here of late

been working on material for our other band holds as well as the odd new speedboat song and generally just having busy lives…

quiet times

currently sorting out the tapes of the Cloony split being made and also busy writing material for Holds, a side project band that both me and Jack are in as well as Jon from Jack’s other band, Bill Shatnerrr and our friend Holly from New Hips.

Things should get busier Speedboat wise from June

just gonna keep pretending that speedboat are on the lineup for fest

1st track from the split is up ⇢

sad lad hype


Oh also in regards to the split

if anyone wants to distro/review it or anything just let us know yea?

we’ve just been confirmed for this show next month too

we’ve just been confirmed for this show next month too

this is our next show, headlining at 1in12 on 14th in Bradford.

this is our next show, headlining at 1in12 on 14th in Bradford.

Our side of the split is ready

we’re just waiting for our buddy Oli to finish the art then we’ll put it on bandcamp and start making some tapes